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We present here a range of real estates for sale which held our attention. Our selection bases on several criterias which can be a combination of interesting characteristics such as the excellent quality ratio/price, a site of choice, a request on the market stronger than the offer, an atypical architecture, a construction which has an undeniable charm, or even a dwelling which offers a splendid sight on the surroundings. This selection does not hold account of the price.
StudioPort la nouvelleSurface : 237 Sq.Ft. 51,900 € / 35,686 £
Port la nouvelle
Référence n° : 4134
EXCLUSIVITY: Apartement with balcony at 400m of the sea, nice view on the lake, very good condition with air conditionning!
T3Port la nouvelleSurface : 570 Sq.Ft. - Land : 237 Sq.Ft. 128,000 € / 88,013 £
Port la nouvelle
Référence n° : 4159
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